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Promise of Paradise


The hint of magic is felt with

a look.

 a word.

 a touch.


The hint of paradise is felt.

with  a sigh.

The fluttering of the heart.

The promise of paradise is felt.

The land of enchantment.

The place where the heart sings.

The body floats.

Where hope abounds all around.


Will the hint become reality?

Will the promise be but a dream?

Will the yearnings of the heart and soul

become one?

Steadfast throughout the storms of life

and the challenges thrown its way.

Will the promise be but a dream

from which we awaken and find gone?

Will the hint of paradise become

a reality in which we anchor our love?

With the hint of paradise 

and the promise of paradise

 our love will blossom.

Anchored from life's storms.

Entwined in each others arms forever.

Only with our promise to each other will

The hint, the promise will become reality

and we will remain in



Patty Lee




Truly Madly Deeply 

Music sung by

Savage Garden


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