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These pages of love have been created especially for you and your love, I write poetry from time to time and love to share some of my work with you, Hope you enjoy my work. 

 I do hope you enjoy them and pass them on to your friends.  

 Thank You for visiting my web site.

I have added a few sites created by other members of my family, Do Enjoy!!!


Patty Lee

You Bring A Smile

There was a time...

When I didn't smile.

When my tears flowed with much more frequency than my laughter.

Then you came into my life.

And slowly my eyes began to see the beauty of nature around me.

And before I knew it.. I was smiling again. I was laughing again. I was healing.

"Thanks" is such a small word to say to someone

who has changed your life forever.

But thank you is what I need to say to you.

Thank you for bringing happiness back into my world.

Thank you for sharing yourself with me.

Thank you for giving me that special part of you that no one else sees.

Thank you for bringing a smile.



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