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Virtual Lovers


Our memories


From the first moment,

The first quickening of the heart and soul...

The beginning of a dream

A woman's heart    

  The Rose is a fragile flower
To plant it, the ground must be prepared
With rich soil beneath the hardened surface
So the plant can take root and grow

Tenderly, it's placed in the soil
Carefully filled in, and then watered and fed
Its delicate leaves must be treated now and then
To keep its enemies at bay

In the warm glow of sunlight
It prospers and blooms
Into a flower which has become
The symbol of beauty and love to the world

Once it blooms, its petals must be misted
To keep them from drying and withering
If the Rose is not treated with such tender care
It will die... its beauty, sadly, gone forever

A woman's heart is like that Rose
It too must be handled with care
It is strong and yet fragile somehow
Needing that loving care to bloom and grow

The rich soil is a love that is true
So her love can grow and blossom
Instead of leaves and petals, she has feelings and dreams
That must be treated with understanding and encouragement

Her enemies are loneliness, fear, and mistrust
They will destroy her heart, eating away at the love that grows there
Frequent misting with honest, softly spoken, loving words
Will keep those enemies away

Instead of sunlight, a tender touch
From one who sees the beauty within her
Though she herself may not even know it's there
This will give her heart a glow

Just like the Rose, without these things
A woman's heart will wither
And suddenly this thing of beauty and its love
Are lost to you forever

If you ever feel alone..Remember you are not... 


Ever feel really alone..
Needing someone to hold you...
to kiss you..
Tell you they need you..

Ever feel really alone..
Needing someone to talk to..
to hug you..
Telling you that you are their everything..

Ever feel really alone..
so alone that it hurts..
hoping that one day
someone will
"I love you"

Am I a dreamer...or am I just waking up?

If this is a dream then don't wake me up...

if I am awake.. then I have achieved all..

I'm sitting here in the dark alone,
with images of you in my mind..
Your warmth and kindness,
the gentle way you talk to me..
I wonder where you are and what you are doing
when you are not with me..
Are you thinking of me,
are you wondering the same..
I don't know why your in my heart,
for we are virtual strangers..
But for some reason I can't go thru
a day without talking to you..
Pretending that I'm touching your
face with my hand..
Whispering soft whispers in your ear..
I know our lives will may never cross ..
just know this..
As I'm sitting here in the dark..
the images of the night..
are of you..

No longer alone...

You Bring A Smile

There was a time...

When I didn't smile.

When my tears flowed with much more frequency than my laughter.

Then you came into my life.

And slowly my eyes began to see the beauty of nature around me.

And before I knew it.. I was smiling again. I was laughing again. I was healing.

"Thanks" is such a small word to say to someone

who has changed your life forever.

But thank you is what I need to say to you.

Thank you for bringing happiness back into my world.

Thank you for sharing yourself with me.

Thank you for giving me that special part of you that no one else sees.

Thank you for bringing a smile.



When I need You

Celine Dion


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