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Hi Welcome to my domain 

After a life time of toil and trouble,

dreams and doubts;

pain and pleasure.

Here I will share a few with you.

Pictures are thumbnails, click for larger pictures..

Life at 50

Oh the good old days

Ahhhh 62.. lights are dimmer. Alas time marches on.. me now
A trip back in time..4 years old Oh boy.. starting to school  6 yrs old Can't wait high school next year. 8th grade

Intermission time here.. marriage and all the things that follow;

Children, exciting times and crying times..

Holidays and birthdays...

All leading to the following..

My daughter Joyce, my 3rd born.. She lives close by and thinks she is my mother.. :) Eric my 4th born.  He is close as well and keeps me on my toes.  Sky, My 2nd born.  Lives in Ohio and my rock I lean on for all my computer help and a ear to vent to,, :)
Joyce and Greg on Halloween 2001..The Queen and her Knight. Eric's Army  Grizzly, Crusher, Sassy
Sky and Judy
Debby my 1st born.  She has departed us to be with our Lord, due to auto accident. Memorial Candy and Jeff with Cole and Kayla Grandpa and Grandma with Cole and Kayla
Jon, Dawn and Dakota Alan the Ladies Man.. Ronnie and Tyler, Jasmine, Ashley

No Wonder I am tired.. producing all this has been lot of work. 

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