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Youth and Reality


Oh for the days of youth

When wisdom rose to meet the stars.

When dreams ran wild.

No challenge too great.

Pain was unknown.

Each day was born anew

With the anticipation of Christmas morn.

Smiles and trust were so freely given.

Anticipated rewards accepted without question.

The dream of a love so great,

A family all our own.

No obstacles stood in our path.

The mountain was there to conquer

The ocean to sail.

We knew the stars were there in the heavens

Just for us to gaze and wonder at.

To wish upon with the heart of innocence.


The time of innocence past

The awakening to reality

We evolve into adults where

The wisdom diminishes to reality.

We come face to face with our own reality.

The time when wisdom is yet to be learned.

Dreams become yesterdays.

Tears come easily.

The day after Christmas has been born.

The stars are there not just for our wishes,

The mountains are there to climb.

We are not eagles that can soar high and free.

We are but mere mortals that feel pain and despair.

There is no one to make it right,

This we must do for ourselves now.

We must face the choices we made yesterday.

We learn to take each day at a time.

Smiles still come easily 

But trust comes not so easily now.

Pain and hurt is not unknown.

Oh for the time of innocence and wisdom

When we did soar like eagles

Over mountains and waters

No obstacles to great.

No fear of reaching for the stars.


Patty Lee