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You are invited to meet me.


                                                 Come in and visit a while...this is me standing in front of my fireplace.  I had a great time painting the scene around my mirror.. what do you think?  There are a couple of my clowns sitting at my feet.      

                                                                                                                                               This also me ready to go the a Christmas party December of 1997. 

I thought Red was appropriate for the season... Agree?




Here I am ready to go sight seeing with my brother.  June of 1999.  We went to Wilmington Beach for the day...



By now I suppose you are thinking I am vain.. not at all...cameras only capture me when I am ready except when my kids take my picture.. oops those I won't publish... ugh... the real me ... big ugh...





and this is a lucky picture... I have no idea how this was done.. I think the camera saw something I never did...

At least the worst is behind me.

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