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Love is as a rose

Surrounded by thorns

delicate to the senses

Beautiful beyond comparison

Pleasure and pain can be felt

if not handled with care


Memories of love are stored away

as the wedding dress is stored...

The chest to be opened and memories relived...

Each thrill to be felt anew..

each Each smile to be seen as new...

Memories of days past and days ahead..

Memories of each day gently placed away to be taken out and held close to our hearts on our days apart...

Love is the treasure cradled and cherished as the valuable treasure it is...

As the years pass and time leaves its mark on each of us

The memories never fade or diminish.... Memories of love remain intact through the storms of time ..

and the ravages of doubts and despair...

Dreams of a lover and a friend envelops the face of beauty

feeling his fingertips touching her face..

his lips gently touching her lips..

His  scent engraved in her memory..

The touch of his hand so gentle upon her breast..

the look of love in his eyes burn forever into her heart.   

His breath on her neck so warm and gentle... The beating of his heart against her own, creating a rhythm  of two souls entwined and dancing to the music that only lovers can hear....

Love is but a gift from God

bestowed upon those of us that are

willing to believe and trust...

So often we are granted the gift and

doubt its reality...

So often we are granted the gift and

do not feel worthy...

So often we are granted the gift and

deny its existence...

Open your heart and your mind to the

gift granted so freely...

God has intended we all shall have the

gift if we but only believe...

Do not turn you back on love and

all the happiness it brings..

There is but one that can ruin the

gift of love and the happiness it brings..


Trust and believe .. YOU are worthy..