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                        My Love 

Before you I met I was wondering thru this life lost and alone

I had thought my destiny on earth           was completed.

Then I met you and  felt life surging through my body again.

    I felt alive as I had never been.               I stood in wonder and amazement at the future that lay ahead.

   I never once thought of cloudy days            or rainy days.

I could only see the rainbow and the bright shinning sunshine.

As a child when the rain fell, I could only see that I could not play.  I failed to see that the rain must fall if there were to be a tomorrow.  Without the rain the beauty of the world would fade and disappear.  

Such is the true of love.  The rainy days come to awaken our beginnings.  The beginnings we take for granted and forget that everything must be nurtured and handled with care. 

Love cannot stand alone and survive.

I thank God every day for the day I met You.

Your love and patience have given me strength and the will to look again to a future I thought would never be.

Your love has given me strength and courage to dare to live.

Your love has given me the greatest gift since God gave his Son.

Your love is beyond all belief

Great and full, reaching the very depth of my heart and soul.

Each day we are apart is a day of anticipation of the time when we touch and become one again.

I love You with all my heart and being.

This is for the love of my Life

I love you