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First Look, First Touch


I will never forget the first look...

I gazed across the span between us...

My heart skipped a beat...

My stomach lurched...

Eyes wide.. a smile upon my face..

I approached you with anticipation..

fear.. excitement..... nervous 

What if I am rejected, 

How will I handle it.


I will never forget the first touch..

So warm, so exciting..

My heart not only skipped a beat,

But almost stopped.

If heaven is anything like this...

then I am in heaven.. 

My mind raced along with my heart..

I saw the future..

the two of us 

Entwined in each other arms..

Loving, smiling with ecstasy beyond belief.

I saw the future  full of sunshine, rainbows..

I saw the little house with the family 

yet to come.

I saw a love that endures all...

With the first look and the first touch...


Poetry written by Patty Lee


This page created by Patty Lee, all custom designed.  If you like my designs please let me know.