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               Tears & Smiles 

Tears for a love lost
Tears for a love never known 
Tears of joy 
For the dreams come true 
We look for happiness 
In all places 
Sometimes we find happiness beyond belief 
Other times we just find a smile 
But in all instances we find our hearts and souls
Grows stronger and stronger 
We know that each day 
We smile a little, And cry a little
We become the person we are today
If wisdom came as easily as a smile
We would all be very wise 
But alas the smile 
Comes as a ray of sunshine from heaven on a clear day 
And wisdom comes as a ray of
sunshine from heaven on a rainy day  
A struggle to peek through And make a rainbow 
Tears come as easily as a spring shower 
And disappear as quickly 
The ache for a love lost , A love never known 
Dwells just a little longer 
To make us wiser and stronger 
With each day that passes 
We continue to grow and learn 
With each day that passes 
We reclaim the sunshine and the rainbows 
Refusing to let the showers or the ache of yesterday 
Dwell within our hearts beyond today 
For tomorrow will bring a new dawn 
And with it the promise of a 
Brighter and happier today. 


Poetry written by Patty Lee




This page created by Patty Lee, all custom designed.  If you like my designs please let me know.